Moorosi's War Quiz
These questions relate to the period 1877 to 1885 in then Basutoland, now Lesotho.

1. What was the major issue that caused the Basotho people to rise up against the Cape Colony?
  • Disputes over land
  • Disputes over gun laws
  • Disputes over taxes

2. The Sesotho language includes a significant number of words that relate closely to which ancient language?
  • Latin
  • Hebrew
  • Indo-European

3. What position did Moorosi hold in relation to the Baphuthi people?
  • King
  • Chief
  • Tribal leader

4. Where did Moorosi build his village?
  • In a narrow secluded valley
  • On a river bank below a mountain
  • On a mountain top

5. Who waged war against Moorosi?
  • The Cape Colonial forces
  • The British army
  • Forces under the control of Basotho chief Lerothodi


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Test yourself: How well do you know African colonial history?